philanthropy hippos

Unique and custom, 1 of 1 Hippos designed to give back to the Earth and its People. Our Philanthropy Hippos are to be auctioned off to the highest bidder with the funds going directly to the associated cause.

Mungu FC

The proceeds from the sale of this Hippo will help start a soccer academy for the young athletes of Entebbe, Uganda who have immense talent, but do not have the opportunity to take their talent anywhere due to the lack of funding and resources in Uganda. These kids will be grown in soccer, education, and faith to take their abilities to the next level and continue the MUNGU movement of spreading God's love around the world.

The first trip to Uganda will happen this June of 2022.
These supplies and jerseys will be hand delivered by our Uganda Partners, coaches and volunteers where they will set up the soccer academy and start Mungu FC.

Uganda has been devastated by COVID-19, a country wide supply chain crisis, government corruption and tyranny. Our partner Nathaniel is leading a group and starting a movement to help and serve the community of Entebbe, Uganda!

We appreciate the support!